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Chakra Clearing
Letting go of the blocks in each chakra and clear each one and the issues attributed to each. You will feel so much better when they are clear and the energy is flowing. 

Chakra Clearing MP3

  • Chakra Clearing Release blocked feelings and emotional energy stored in your chakras. Stop the recurring dramas before they manifest as a physical injury or illness. Release trauma and beliefs from each chakra and stop being bogged down by your past. Clear themes and energy manifestations of the age associated with the chakra. Each chakra has the tendency to manifest particular physical issues such as vision at age seven, teeth and gum issues at age six. Work with archetypes to transform inner victim and saboteur aspects. Release blocks and become energetically strong to improve the most important areas of your life: money, relationships, career, creativity and spirituality. 90 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. $36
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