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Energy Healing is a holistic, natural method of shifting subconscious thoughts and beliefs, which are energy. The energy is stuck in the energy body and chakras, and is blocking the life you desire. Many people seek energy healing when they feel overwhelmed, they have lost their confidence, and life feels out of control. I find the root cause of your distress and remove the energy blockage causing it. This allows you to experience your infinite potential.

I energetically clear issues from the past which are stuck in the energy body, retrieve parts of the soul that split off due to emotional trauma, and release burdens carried for ancestors. The ReSet is a process by which I shift energy. I take an issue back before it manifested, dissolve every aspect of it, and release the patterns which have continued to cause issues.

   Pam Booth

     Manifest Your Infinite Potential
         ReSet Your Past
             Release Present Issues
                 Restore Your Dreams!

          Heal your Body, Mind, and Soul with Energy!                        Call/text Pam:  949 525 2870 




Issues will be energetically cleared for you no matter where you are or what you are doing. If you are able to focus on your body by sitting or lying down in a quiet environment you may be able to feel the energy working. There is no need to call in. The energy will cleared regardless of what you are doing at the time. The day of the session I email notes on what comes up. Tuesdays at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Savings Time, Los Angeles, CA, USA.


This series will release common anxiety triggers, listed below, which make you feel nervous or anxious in different situations. The triggers weaken us and can cause us to dysregulate. Releasing the triggers will help you be less reactive, avoid an emotional reaction, and respond from a calm neutral position.

In the areas listed below I’ll release: the causes, the root core of the issue, traumas from the past influencing the issue, blocks to releasing the issue, resistance to releasing the issue, anything carried for the ancestors, past life causes, etc. I will be using Family Constellation work and Chinese Energetic Medicine techniques to release what holds us back and to shift these areas for us.

Tuesday, July 2,  8:00 am.  Conflict or drama in relationships, being in a large crowd of people, meeting new people, going to a new place for the first time, having to confront someone, interacting on social media, having too much to do, giving a presentation, working as part of a group, pressure to act or behave a certain way, performing in front of other people.

Tuesday, July 9,   8:00 am.   Things not going the way you planned, having to change your routine, grades or stress from schoolwork, having too much time to by yourself, being away from your phone for too long, friends not texting you back, loud noises or raised voices, other people being disappointed in you, watching the news, having conversations with peers or adults, not feeling prepared.

Tuesday, July 16,   8:00 am. .  Being in tight spaces such as an elevator, being in wide open spaces, being around certain people, interacting with someone you are attracted to, not knowing what is going to happen, not having enough money, not knowing what career you want to have, school violence, family stress (divorce, finances, etc.) a sick friend or family member.

Tuesday, July 23, 8:00 am.  Rumors about you, issues with job, boss, or coworkers, other people’s expectations of you, thinking about future plans, having to be the one to make decisions, making new friends, changes in your body or your weight, interacting with a certain family member or other person, feeling left out by your peer group, becoming an adult with much more responsibilities, other unnamed anxiety triggers specific to you.

This program is designed to work on you and your family where ever you are. I will work on the list of people that sign up. You receive four sessions.  $83 per person, $125 people in one household, Limit six. If you sign up for the family plan, please text or email me the names of the family members.


Energy work is meant to be used in conjunction with medical care if you have a health issue. I am not a doctor.

$83 per person  

$125 people  in one        household

text or email names 


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              Energy   Healing   MP3s

The Energy Tracks will shift your subconscious thoughts and beliefs on topics from abundance to weight loss. They clear out patterns such as:  not making or holding onto money, anxiety, and emotional eating. The energy work is silent behind the music. The corrections can be:  ready to let it go, deserving, feeling good about yourself, releasing fear, anger, doubt, etc. One hour is approximately 1,000 corrections which are layered to approximately 7 to 12 minutes.

Please be cautious and do not use when you are driving or when your concentration is necessary, until you know how they affect you. 

You can purchase with any credit card after a few clicks.  


FREE Releasing Stress

Whether your stress if from a single incident, from long term emotional abuse, somewhere in between, or all of the above, the energetic corrections on this download are designed to release it. It works on releasing the trauma, emotions and memories. Notice where your stress level is on a scale of one to ten. Listen to the track and then see where your level is. Please don't listen when you are driving or need to be alert until you know how it affects you.

FREE Attunement


This download balances your energy body with your physical body, universal energy, moon cycles, astrological influences, etc. It grounds you. It is great to use if you feel "off", have experienced a trauma, irritation, or stress. It keeps you balanced.

Please be cautious and do not drive or do anything that requires your attention until you know how it affects you.



Releasing Allergies

This track will energetically release the body's negative reactions to common allergens, such as: foods, environmental, and even people. It will release the emotional causes and reasons for having allergies, and the sensitivities passed down through family lines. It is not meant to replace medical care.

80 min. of energy work condensed to 9 min.

Stress Release

Is stress bogging you down? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you  feel unsettled? This energy track will release stress whether it is  financial, work, family, relationship, health, etc. It will focus on releasing anxiety, fears, worry, phobias, trauma, emotions and memories and all types of stress. By releasing the causes and patterns of stress you will find a sense of peace and wellbeing. 

50 minutes of energy work condensed to 9 min.

Happy Baby

This track is designed to calm babies. There is gentle piano music with silent energy work underneath. It reduces stress, birth trauma, trauma of being here, issues with: food, temperature, mother, father, siblings, pets, enviornment and any abandonment issues.                                                             1 hr. of energy work condensed to 6 min.

Clutter Removal

Is clutter bogging you down? Do you feel stuck? Do you need to let go of stuff and make room for new possibilities in your life?  Release the emotiional ties to items that are so hard to let go of, and the past which keeps us looking back instead of moving forward. 

Get rid of the emotional ties to things that are pulling you down.  Creating spaciousness will give you a sense of freedom and lightness and will create space for new opportunities!                    47 min. condensed to 7 min.

Money Issues

Change your beliefs about money.  Accept that you can create whatever you want.  Embrace your power to manifest. Let go of struggling and feeling trapped about money. Drop the subconscious messages of not good enough, not deserving, not for me. Make money a non-issue in your life.                                                             

75 minutes of corrections condensed to 12 min.  

Finding your Purpose

Tune into your visions and dreams and release the subconscious blocks that keep you from realizing your purpose and what makes you happy. Drop the old messages that you can’t do what you desire, that it won’t work out, that you can’t make enough money. Get rid of “not good enough, not ready, can’t do it, not me” beliefs.                                                       

50 min. of corrections condensed to 10 min



Improve the relationship you have or find the one you are looking for. This download will get rid of subconscious blocks that keep you from having the perfect relationship which enhances and supports you and your life. 

Release the effects of negative experiences from the past. Clear out issues that cause you to attract what you don’t want on a conscious level.  Release limiting beliefs that have kept you from realizing your dreams of having the relationship you want.                                     

75 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min.

Relationship Dependence

Do you always put others first? Have you lost touch with yourself and what you want?This download will release blocks to feeling good about yourself, setting boundaries, seeing life as it is, acknowledging and meeting your own needs and wants, and being interdependent with others. Release trauma and emotions piled up from physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual abuse.                      

75 minutes of corrections condensed to 12 min.

Healthy Boundaries

Find the balance between caring for yourself and others. Make yourself your reference point. Release being disempowered or falsely empowered by another, and any parent to child wounding. Release being overemotional and reactive. Accept your truth and be willing to express it. Accept and own the boundaries that allow you to love, respect and value yourself when relating to others in your life.                                                                       1 hour of corrections condensed  to 12 min.  

Love Issues   

Do you find yourself either running away or desperately running toward another person, in a back and forth pattern? Does it seem you are never moving toward a person when they are moving toward you? This tendency has to do with issues from childhood such as feeling abandoned or engulfed by a parent. Release the toxic patterns which draw you into painful relationships. The blocks to a healthy relationship will be released giving you the power to change the way you love and are loved.                                                                   55 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. 

Self Issues


Release the blocks to abundant finances, health, the perfect relationship, happiness and peace.  Clearing out beliefs, past relationship issues and patterns, and emotional attachments, leaves you free to manifest what you consciously want.  By energetically releasing these blocks and being clear to accept abundance you will be shifted into a level of consciousness that will draw abundance to all areas of your life.               50 minutes of corrections condensed to 7 min. 

Chakra Clearing                    

Release blocked feelings, trauma and beliefs. Stop the recurring dramas before they manifest as a physical injury or illness. Stop being bogged down by your past and feeling stuck. Each chakra has the tendency to manifest particular physical issues such as vision at age seven, teeth and gum issues at age six. Release blocks and become energetically strong and improve the most important areas of your life: money, relationships, career, creativity and spirituality.                                                       90 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. 

Pulling Your Power Back

Stop giving your power away and allowing that to weaken you. Pull your power back from all the people, places, things, institutions, concepts, beliefs, and ideas that you have given it to. Pull it back from family, old loves, the government, terrorists, education, money, time, collective conscious, bugs, rodents, etc. Pull it back from all that has weakened you and remain strong. 

40 min. of corrections condensed to 9 min.

Empowering Women

Get you in touch with your spiritual power and strength, release negative subconscious beliefs and childhood messages, and release any blocks to accepting yourself. Heal and release your wounds without having to relive them. Quiet the inner critic, and feel good about yourself. Let go of that which no longer serves you so you are free to be strong and powerful. Embrace your power and own it!                                    80 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min.

Feeling Good

Release your subconscious thoughts and beliefs that block you from feeling good, being truly happy and content, accepting yourself on every level, quieting the critical internal voice and realizing how magnificent you are.  You can love and accept yourself completely,  realize your worth, be happy, and feel great.               55 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min.       

Self Esteem

Learn to love and accept yourself on every level and realize how magnificent you are.  Release the old beliefs and negative experiences which will enable you to move forward in your life from a place of clarity and freedom. Get rid of the blocks and ideas which make you feel you are boxed up and not free.  Be happy about being you!        

50 min. condensed to 7 min.  

The Dark Side

The Past                              

Releasing blocks, emotions, anything left over, or held on to, from past experiences, childhood, parents, or relationships. Anything from the past that is stuck in your energy body can cause issues in your present life. It can cause financial issues, problems with career, relationships, health, attracting the wrong people, negative situations. Release the past and free yourself!                              95 minutes of energy work condensed to 7 min. 


Anger Release

Let go of the damage anger has caused your physical and emotional bodies.  Let go of anger directed toward you, from you, the causes of anger, the patterns, the triggers. Release feeling persecuted, powerless, abused, discriminated, and any damage to your self esteem. Eliminate anger toward authority figures, conditions in your life, anger at yourself, others. Release the reasons and causes of anger so you can stop suffering.                                                           53 minutes of energy work condensed to 9 minutes.

Shadow Work

Find the wisdom and gifts in the parts of yourself you dislike and disown, that you regret and repress. By accepting these disowned aspects you reclaim your creativity, brilliance and power.  Stop letting your story be your identity, stop the negative voices that keep you stuck in self-destructive life patterns. Embrace all aspects of yourself and make peace with your shadow while seeing how it serves you. Let your shadow transform you.     90 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. 

Releasing Fear

Fear compounds and grows and can be debilitationg. Release fear of not; haveing, earning, or holding onto money. Release fear of health issues, fear of loss, fear of love, fear of men, fear of driving, pugs, snakes, death, etc. By releasing many small fears one can switch into a mode of letting them go rather than holding on to them. Dissolve fear and transform into the new you.

70 minutes of corrections condensed to 12 minutes.

The Archetypes           

Finding peace and balance with all the archetypes gives you peace and balance in your life. There are many families of archetypes:  feminine,  male,  the divine,  wisdom,  healer,  creative,  action, and the wild card which includes the addict, clown and fem fatal. The archetypes in charge set the tone for your life.  Own all that you can be and activate the archetypes that support it.                                                  40 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min.  

Body Issues


Physical Issues

This track works on energetically releasing; illness, disease, chronic conditions, pain, fears of viruses, bacteria, disease, negative impacts of injuries or medical procedures. It will strengthen your brain for focus, memory, functioning, etc. It will tune up the systems of the body, eliminate toxins, negative memories, emotions, old traumas, abuse.  It is not intended to replace medical care when needed.                                                           40  minutes of energy work condensed to 9 min.

Body Tune Up

The meridians and chakras will be cleared of blockages from your past. Tune up the systems of the body, the brain, central nervous system, and spinal column. Release blocks to the perfect functioning of your body. Release letting your body be the dumping ground of your negative thoughts and emotions. Make it strong for not manifesting illness or conditions and for letting them go. Allow your body being strong and vibrant and supported by you.  75 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. 


Release toxins, dead cells and debris from the body. Let go of the blocks and beliefs that stall rejuvenation. Release the common beliefs of ageing and the decline of the body. Let go of degeneration and support rejuvenation of the systems of the body, the skin, muscles, skeleton, cells, etc. Optimizing the removal of waste and the generation of new cells gives you a flexible, vibrant, youthful body.                50 min. of corrections condensed to 9 min.  

Vision Improvement

This download will energetically improve the mental and mechanical processes of seeing in order to improve your eyesight. It will release  emotional, mental and physical blocks to seeing clearly. Your eyes will get a tune up to improve perception,   eye to brain connection and coordination. It will release the impact on your vision of what you don't or didn't want to see. Let go of the physiological and psychological causes of vision issues.

50 minutes of corrections reduced to 9 minutes.


Releasing Weight

The focus is on releasing excess weight by removing subconscious beliefs that keep weight on and strengthening your ability to let it go.  This is not a diet or an eating plan of any type. It works by releasing the subconscious reasons and emotional aspects of why we overeat and hold onto weight. Often excess weight is due to unfinished emotional issues. Until the underlying cause is released the weight will stay on. By getting rid of the reasons to hold onto weight you can let it go.      

Over 2 hours of corrections condensed to 12 min.  

Emotional Eating               

End suffering about your relationship with food. Stop the weight struggle and compulsions. Separate emotional eating from nurturing the body. Learn how to deal with the urge to eat when you’re not hungry. Energetically release the blocks from your subconscious that keep you weighing more than you want.                                                80 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min.



Awaken your highest potential and allow yourself to live as your true self. You can release patterns that interfere with your innate clarity and ability to be present in life.  Live from your deepest truth and highest potential.    

One  hour of corrections condensed to 12 min.   


Be open to receiving and accepting messages coming to you. Tune into your body, trusting what you see and feel. Trust your higher self and what it wants to show you. Make life choices based on insight and direction from your spirit rather than the demands of your personality. Break through the boundaries of ordinary thought.                                                       25 min. of energy work condensed to 10 min.   

Being in the Now

Release the negative thoughts and beliefs holding you back. Stop reliving the past and fantasizing about the future. Live in the now, being fully present, it’s all that really matters.


90 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min.


Contact Me  

cell/text:   949 525 2870   pacific time                                                                                                                          Thank you for your interest. If you would like email notifications of workshops, remote clearing sessions, free energy clearing gifts, and future endeavors please fill out the  contact form. Your information will not be sold or given to anyone.   

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