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What is Energy Healing  continued:

I ReSet the following issues:
      Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Stress,
       Financial and Career
       Physical, Emotional and Mental
       Relationship and Childhood
       Past Life or Recent Past
       Energy and Chakra Blockages
      And Others                          

Thoughts and beliefs are energy. They create our reality and the problems in our lives. When a person has a subconscious core belief that they are not good enough, not loveable, or not worthy, they will create their world to reinforce that belief. They can spend their life trying to be "“good"” to overcome it. Until the subconscious beliefs are released the person will continue to attract people and events which support their core belief of lack of worth.


Two people can have the same experience yet each person'’s perception of the experience is different because of their thoughts or interpretation of the event. To one person it could be a wonderful experience. For the other person it could be a negative one. From the same event each has created a very different reality based on their subconscious thoughts.

Our thoughts manifest by turning energy into matter, creating the life we live, which can be very different from the life we want to live.

Whatever you focus on is what you manifest. Having the intention and focusing on positive thoughts creates a positive reality which flows easily and effortlessly. Focusing on pain brings more pain, and is usually a symptom of, or a distraction from, a deeper issue. There is an interruption of the flow of energy in the body, causing the manifestation of a physical condition. Releasing the issue can release the pain and the condition.

I am able to release the blocks and align the subconscious and conscious mind. This causes it to be congruent rather than in conflict, thus creating peace from chaos. This allows you to manifest your highest and true potential and experience happiness and peace.

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