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Love Issues 
love addiction,abandonment,intimacy

Love Issues MP3

  • Love Issues Focus is on love addiction, issues of abandonment, and intimacy. Do you find yourself either running away or desperately running toward another person in a back and forth pattern? Does it seem you are never moving toward a person when they are moving toward you? This workshop will release the fear of intimacy causing people to run away from a relationship, and the fear of abandonment which causes one to pursue the one retreating. This tendency has to do with issues from childhood such as feeling abandoned or engulfed by a parent. Release the toxic patterns causing a love addictive phase and the unresponsive love avoidant phase, which draw you into painful relationships. The blocks to a healthy relationship will be released giving you the power to change the way you love and are loved. 55 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. $27
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