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Relationship Dependence
Do you always put others needs first, have trouble saying "no" and meaning it, have experienced abuse, feel shame and just not good enough?

Relationship Dependence MP3

  • Relationship Dependence If you always put others first and have lost touch with yourself and what you want this MP3 is for you. It will focus on how you deal with others and yourself. It will release blocks to feeling good about you, setting boundaries, seeing life as it is, acknowledging and meeting your own needs and wants, being interdependent with others. Release trauma and emotions piled up from physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual abuse. Release defenses against recognizing abuse and self sabotage. Letting go of the belief that if others criticize you it means you are not good enough, which causes you to feel shame. Clear out toxic emotions left over from painful childhood experiences. Learn to intervene and stop destructive ways of interacting. Accept that you deserve the best in life. This workshop will clear out the gunk that keeps you from feeling great about yourself, and will give you a self-esteem tune up. 75 minutes of corrections condensed to 12 min. $27
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