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Releasing Weight
Removing the negative self talk, beliefs, patterns that make you feel unable to let the weight go. It can be a form of protection, a way of hiding, or an excuse.

Releasing Weight MP3

  • Releasing Weight The focus is on releasing excess weight by removing subconscious beliefs that keep weight on and strengthening your ability to let it go. This is not a diet or an eating plan of any type. It works by releasing the subconscious reasons and emotional aspects of why we eat and hold onto weight. For example many people subconsciously do not want to be smaller because they equate being small with being less significant, less strong and less powerful. Some people hold onto weight due to unfinished emotional issues. Until the underlying cause is released the weight will stay on. By getting rid of the reasons to hold onto weight you can let it go. Over 2 hours of corrections condensed to 12 min. $54
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