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Shadow Work
We tend to disown and stuff down our shadow side. It is an empowering act to embrace it and love your whole self. This can activate your creativity.

Shadow Work MP3

  • Shadow Work Find the wisdom and gifts in the parts of yourself you dislike and disown, that you regret and repress. By accepting these disowned aspects you reclaim your creativity, brilliance and power. Stop letting your story be your identity, stop the negative voices that keep you stuck in self-destructive life patterns. Find the core issues that drive your personality, learn to harness the power of your shadow, overcome your fears, reclaim your confidence, and step into your greatness. Accept the wisdom and insight that already exists within you. Embrace all aspects of yourself and make peace with your shadow while seeing how it serves you. Open your heart to accept your shadow side, release all blocks, and step into your authentic self. Let your shadow transform you. 90 min. of corrections condensed to 12 min. $36
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